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Attract and incentivise new customers by building a points and rewards program that allows you to get more from your customers.

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Increase engagement and repeat purchases with an attractive points program.

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Customizable to your brand

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Build your own loyalty and referral program.

Easy to create pre-built or personalized rewards

Your customers will engage in your program with great rewards. Use our templates to easily create them.

Build loyalty and encourage re-purchase using our rewards template

Create your own personalized rewards

Automatically create them using our Shopify integration

Easy to create pre-built or personalized rewards

Expand your sales and reward existing customers for referring a friend.

Chosse betwenn rewards : Points, Voucher, Promotionnal Code

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+30 missions to add in your loyalty program

A fully customizable rewards & referrals program.

Choose between +30 missions

Contents, testimonials, unboxing,reviews, social engagement

All social media and reviews platform

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Follow every completed mission and centralise user-generated content

Granular view of ambassador profiles

Collect relevant data

Make your customers more loyal.

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Boost LTV and AOV

Create a next-generation loyalty program that customers love. The more points they earn, the more rewards they can earn. A satisfied customer will spend 67% more than a new customer on a new order.

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Reduce your CAC

Use the power of word-of-mouth to convert new customers. In the age where social media ad costs are skyrocketing, collaborating with your customer is the next generation of marketing.

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Create a loyal community

Federate a loyal growing community and expand your brand awarness. 71% of customers say a loyalty program is an important part of their relationship with the brand.

Key features make us different.

Use our CRM to identify your power user, track their performance and missions
UGC library
Centralize all content, analyse performance and reuse the content on your ads, website, product description...
Easily create lists to segment your users, link them to missions and rewards to target your needs
Obtain content right
You have the right on all produced content so you can reuse it wherever you want !
Facilitate your experience by using our Shopify integration. It will be never easy to create a loyalty program.
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Frequently asked questions.

What is a Loyalty Program?

A loyalty program is a rewards system designed to encourage customers to make repeat purchases with a business. Customers can typically earn rewards points when they make purchases with a specific company, which they can then redeem for discounts, merchandise or services. The rewards points are often stored in a customer loyalty card or credit card, which can be used each time the customer shops.
Many companies offer loyalty programs to attract and retain customers. By doing so, companies can offer incentives to loyal customers while also gathering information on their purchasing habits. This helps companies better understand customer needs and preferences, which can aid in marketing campaigns.
Rewards programs have been around for more than a decade but have become increasingly popular in recent years, with companies spending millions of dollars developing and implementing rewards programs. Consumers are more likely to stick with a brand that offers a loyalty program because it offers value to the customer.

Do Rewards Really Create Loyalty?

Research has shown that rewards-based loyalty schemes do have some benefit. Studies have indicated that customers purchase more often from companies offering reward programs compared to those who don’t offer any type of customer loyalty scheme. However, there are factors that influence the effectiveness of loyalty programs.
One of the key factors is how well-aligned the rewards program is with the company’s core values and offerings. If customers perceive that the reward program does not offer anything that is meaningful or valuable to them, then they are unlikely to be enticed by it and less likely to become loyal customers.
Another factor influencing reward effectiveness is how tailored the incentives are towards individual customer preferences. Personalizing rewards gives customers an incentive to make repeat purchases as they know they will receive something that caters specifically to their interests or needs. If rewards are too generic or irrelevant, then customers may be less inclined to purchase from the company in order to earn points.

The Impact on Customer Retention Rates

When you implement an effective customer loyalty program, it can have positive results on many aspects of your business. Firstly, an effective rewards program can lead to increased customer retention rates as loyal customers will want to keep earning points or discounts by making repeat purchases.
The cost savings associated with retaining loyal customers should not be overlooked either – loyal customers generally require less marketing spend compared to new customers and cost less overall due to their repeat purchase behaviour.
Further benefits include improved satisfaction levels due to increased value for money – customers feel appreciated for their ongoing support of your brand – as well as increased brand recognition through repeated purchases.

Strategies for Optimizing Loyalty Programs

In order for businesses to reap the benefits of offering customer loyalty programs, there are certain strategies that should be implemented in order maximize its effectiveness:

- Analyzing data from existing customers – this can help identify trends in customer purchase patterns, allowing businesses to develop incentives specially tailored to customers with similar preferences.
- Offering personalized incentives – this appeals to customers who are looking for relevant rewards that can be used in their everyday life.
- Developing creative ways to engage customers – reward programs can be used to create innovative campaigns and experiences that will keep customers engaged with your brand.
- Utilizing technology such as mobile apps or online portals – this makes it easy for customers to track their points, access exclusive offers, and redeem rewards from the convenience of their own devices.

A loyalty program is a marketing strategy used by businesses to encourage customers to continue purchasing their products or services by offering rewards or incentives for their loyalty. These programs are designed to strengthen the relationship between the business and the customer and increase the customer's lifetime value. Loyalty programs typically involve a points-based system where customers earn points for each purchase they make or action they take, such as leaving a review or referring a friend. These points can then be redeemed for rewards such as discounts, free products, or exclusive experiences. Other types of loyalty programs include tier-based systems, where customers are rewarded for reaching certain levels of loyalty, and cash-back programs, where customers receive a percentage of their purchases back in the form of cash or store credit.

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