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Wiink is the ideal tool to unite my ambassadors, track their performance and centralize their content.

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Laurence - Customer Experience director

Wiink is a perfect platform to unite brand ambassadors to boost your interaction levels, improve review generation and customer content creation.

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Les Mini Mondes
Kevin - Head of Acquisition

Thanks to Wiink I was able to engage my community to create reviews and contents.

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Le Gramme
Iman - Head of communication

I divide my cost acquisition by 2 with content created by my ambassadors.

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Mathilde - Responsable Marketing

Wiink allow me to transform my customers into ambassadors simply and continuously with a gamified system.

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Ma Petite Assiette
Christelle - Fondatrice

A ton of reusable content and a lot of reviews all in automatic. I recommend it with my eyes closed

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Christie - Head of communication