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Run influencer product seeding campaigns from start to finish in one platform.

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Manage your influencer campaigns in one place.

Never be easy so easy to manage influence program.

Easily create your campain

Build your pool of influencers

Send product automatically

Track performance and ROI

Create my influence program
Customizable influence program page

Recruit, send and manage your programs.

influencer search and application management tool

Receive a ton of applications to your product test.

Recruit your influencers from your database

Use our tool to discover profil who match your criteria

Automatically send test product to influencers through Wiink's platform

Create engagement and grow

Using our system of automatic distribution

You will save a lot of time in managing your influencer campaign

Focus on your value-added tasks

Influencer platform dashboard

Follow every completed missions and centralize content

Have a look on each profile with a lot of granularity

Collect relevant data

Launch high-impact influencer campaigns.

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Product launches

Make your product launch a success by collaborating with the right influencers. Gather opinions, content and boost your sales from the moment of launch.

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Reach new audience

Nano and micro influencers are the best way to reach new audience. They are specialised in the theme and are close to their community.

Influencer's high quality content icon

High quality content

Deliver the right message at the right audience and get new visitors and new customers.

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Boost your sales

Content creation has no secrets for them. Write and save influencer campaign briefs detailing your objectives and expectations and let influencers respond to your offer directly within the platform.

Key features make us different.

Use our CRM to identify your power user, track their performance and missions
UGC library
Centralize all content, analyse performance and reuse the content on your ads, website, product description...
Easily create lists to segment your users, link them to missions and rewards to target your needs
Obtain content right
You have the right on all produced content so you can reuse it wherever you want !
Facilitate your experience by using our Shopify integration. It will be never easy to create a loyalty program.
QR code generation
Add a QR Code of your space in your command to reach your customer at the best moment.

Learn how x2 your sales with UGC.


How Poiscaille made twice its sales' objectives thanks to Wiink UGCs?

Frequently asked questions.

What is an Influencer Marketing Platform?

At its core, an influencer marketing platform is a tool designed to help businesses find, explore and manage their relationships with social media influencers. It consolidates all of the necessary tools for discovering creators, building relationships, creating content, and running campaigns into one comprehensive portal. It allows businesses to quickly and efficiently search for suitable influencers in order to find the perfect match for their brand or campaign. Among these are Wiink, Hivency and Reech.

Benefits of Using an Influencer Marketing Platform

Using an influencer marketing platform provides businesses with many benefits. First off, it simplifies the creation process by allowing them to quickly find the right creators to collaborate with. With powerful search tools and filters such as location, budget ranges and social mediums they can find the perfect partner within minutes.The platform also grants access to valuable data and insights which can be used to measure performance as well as optimize campaigns. All data generated from campaigns are presented in easy-to-read graphs, charts and reports for improved transparency.

These platforms also enable efficient campaign management and can easily scale up when needed. Businesses have full control over which content is being created as well as who will have access to it. This ensures that only approved content reaches live audiences.

How Can Businesses Use Influencer Marketing Platforms to Reach Their Target Audience?

Discover Creators and Build Relationships With Them
An influencer marketing platform provides access to an extensive database of potential partners for creating content. Companies can use these powerful search functions to find creators who meet their criteria such as age range, follower size, topic interest or specific platforms. This helps streamline recruitment processes and makes it easier for businesses to find creators who possess influence in their desired field or demographic.

Create Content That Features a Brand or Product
Once potential partners are identified companies are able to use their platform’s suite of features to manage content creation. Most platforms offer the ability to create announcements posts, hand over assignments or review progress on live projects at any time through their user-friendly dashboard interface.Gone are the days of having lengthy negotiations over royalty splits or licensing terms! With these modern platforms companies can sign contracts automatically though sophisticated templates while also monitoring consumer sentiment on edited posts before they go live.

Promote the Content Through Performance-Based Campaigns
Companies now have extended control over how their funds are used thanks to performance-based campaigns powered by these platforms. These clients have complete access to post-campaign reporting which allows them to review how each campaign performed in terms of reach, engagement rate and cost per impression -allowing companies stay on track of their goals and adjust their strategies accordingly.

What Should You Look For When Choosing An Influencer Marketing Platform?

Features To Consider Before Making The Decision
When evaluating potential influencer marketing platforms businesses should look for the following features: automated access to creators based on language, region, or culture; ability to create targeted campaigns and reach specific audiences; creation of engaging content that resonates with followers; tracking of performance metrics such as reach, impressions and views; pricing models tailored to budget preferences; and scalability that allows businesses to grow campaign efforts quickly.

Cost And Budget Requirements
Businesses should also be aware of the cost implications when choosing an influencer marketing platform as these vary substantially across providers. Some platform packages may require setup fees while others facilitate pay-as-you-go arrangements. Most platforms include tiered pricing models depending on the size of the company's budget. Businesses should consult with potential vendors about their available packages.

Analytics Tools
Another important factor when deciding on an influencer marketing platform is whether it provides powerful analytics tools that can measure success in terms of reach, engagement rate and cost per impression. Companies should compare platforms based on how easily comprehendible their data is presented in reports and graphs so they can effectively track progress towards their goals.

An influencer platform is a digital platform that connects social media influencers with brands and businesses that are looking to promote their products or services. These platforms act as intermediaries, helping to facilitate collaborations between influencers and brands, while also providing tools and resources to help manage and track influencer campaigns. Influencer platforms typically allow brands to search for and identify influencers who align with their target audience and brand values. Brands can then collaborate with these influencers to create sponsored content, such as social media posts, videos, or blog articles, that promote their products or services. In exchange for creating this sponsored content, influencers are typically compensated by the brand, either through a flat fee or through a commission on sales generated by their promotions. Influencer platforms often provide tools to help manage these collaborations, such as tracking links and analytics tools to measure the effectiveness of the campaigns.

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