How it works.

Learn how to leverage the power of your community.

Create exciting missions  that will be attractive for your customers and future ambassadors.
Incentivise your community with rewards like free products, discounts even access to private events.
Track and analyse program performance and access all your UGC in one place with Wiink

Build a unique loyalty and referral program.

Start your program in 2 minutes.

Step 1

Create a landing page
for your customers

Customize colours, icons, and even text descriptions with advanced branding. Set up your branding in 2 minutes by importing your graphic charter

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How an ambassador platform works?
Step 2

Add missions

Choose from our library of 30+ marketing missions with our innovative missions panel.

With missions like content creation (UGC) to leaving reviews and even giving product feedback!

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how an ambassador platform works?
Step 3

Add rewards

Select from our library of templates or create your own rewards.

Incentivise your customers and reward them when they have accumulated enough points.

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how an ambassador platform works?
Step 4

Publish your page

Create a landing page on your website with your brand assets.
Share the page using your newsletter template and add the QR code on flyers and packaging boxes.

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how an ambassador platform works?
Step 5

Track performance

Look at the results of your campaigns every day to measure their ROI.
Find out the media equivalent (EMV) and the number of missions completed.

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how an ambassador platform works?

Key features make us different.

Use our CRM to identify your power user, track their performance and missions
UGC library
Centralize all content, analyse performance and reuse the content on your ads, website, product description...
Easily create lists to segment your users, link them to missions and rewards to target your needs
Obtain content right
You have the right on all produced content so you can reuse it wherever you want !
Facilitate your experience by using our Shopify integration. It will be never easy to create a loyalty program.
QR code generation
Add a QR Code of your space in your command to reach your customer at the best moment.

Try our ambassador marketing platform in 2 minutes.





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