Ambassadors program : 5 tips to turn customers into ambassadors

Are you ready to take your customer relationships to the next level and transform those satisfied souls into passionate, brand-boosting ambassadors? Creating your very first ambassador program can be overwhelming and sometimes you don't know where to start.

May 29, 2023

Today, we're diving headfirst into the captivating world of ambassador programs and uncovering the secrets to harnessing their boundless potential.

Now, I know what you're thinking: "Another marketing buzzword? Give me a break!"

Trust me, I get it.

In a world brimming with shiny strategies and fleeting trends, it's easy to dismiss new concepts as mere fluff.

But hold on a second; let's not discard this one just yet. Ambassador programs have proven to be much more than a passing fad; they can be the holy grail of customer engagement.

Now that we've piqued your interest, let's roll up our sleeves and delve into the exciting journey of creating an ambassador program.

We'll walk you through the essential steps, share insider tips, and equip you with the knowledge to turn your customers into unstoppable, brand-building dynamos.

So buckle up and let's get ready to conquer the realm of ambassador programs together!

Note: Before we dive deeper, it's important to clarify our focus. In this article, we'll be exploring ambassador programs designed specifically to transform customers into brand ambassadors, rather than discussing programs aimed at boosting an organization's employer brand through its employees. 

What is an ambassador program?

What is an ambassador program, you ask? Well, imagine a secret society of brand enthusiasts, armed with their unwavering passion and contagious zeal. 

An ambassador program is a strategic initiative designed to cultivate and empower these devoted fans, transforming them into influential advocates for your brand.

It's like creating a tight-knit community of brand loyalists who embody your values, understand your mission, and enthusiastically promote your products or services to the world.

These ambassadors, or brand advocates, are everyday people who have developed a genuine affinity for your offerings.

They go beyond being mere customers; they become part of your brand's extended family. Think of them as the equivalent of rockstar roadies, tirelessly spreading the word about your brand to their networks, both online and offline.

An ambassador program serves as a structured framework that formalizes and nurtures these valuable relationships. It provides a platform for your advocates to actively engage with your brand, collaborate on exciting initiatives, and reap exclusive benefits for their unwavering support. 

By recognizing their efforts and investing in their growth, you're cultivating a community that feels valued, appreciated, and deeply connected to your brand's success

3 benefits of creating an ambassador program

But why should you bother investing your time, energy, and resources into implementing an ambassador program, you may wonder? 

An ambassador program expands brand awareness.

First and foremost, an ambassador program amplifies your brand's reach like never before. 

Picture this: your ambassadors, armed with their genuine enthusiasm and personal connections, become your megaphones in the vast sea of consumer chatter.

Through their social media posts (on LinkedIn for B2B or Instagram for B2C for example), word-of-mouth recommendations, and good old-fashioned conversations, they organically introduce your brand to new audiences who may have never stumbled upon it otherwise.

With each heartfelt endorsement, your brand's visibility expands, paving the way for increased awareness and a growing customer base.

An ambassador of a Mexican soda brand posting a photo on social media

An ambassador program enhances brand authenticity and trust

But it doesn't stop there. An ambassador program injects a healthy dose of authenticity into your marketing efforts.

In a world plagued by skepticism and mistrust, consumers yearn for genuine connections and real-life experiences. 

By leveraging the passion and loyalty of your brand ambassadors, you tap into a wellspring of trust and credibility.

Their firsthand experiences and honest testimonials cut through the noise, resonating with potential customers on a deeper level.

When someone they trust vouches for your brand, it holds far more weight than any flashy advertisement or clever slogan.

An ambassador program boosts customer retention and LTV.

Let's not forget about the powerful force of customer loyalty. 

Building lasting relationships with your customers is the lifeblood of any successful business.

With an ambassador program, you create a dedicated tribe of brand advocates who not only remain loyal themselves but also inspire others to follow suit.

These ambassadors are your frontline warriors, defending your brand against competition and staying committed through thick and thin.

Their unwavering support bolsters customer retention, reducing churn rates and increasing the lifetime value of each customer.

An ambassador program builds authentic bonds with customers

Lastly, an ambassador program fosters authentic and meaningful connections between your brand and its customers. 

It's not just about sales figures and conversion rates; it's about creating a genuine bond that transcends transactions.

Through personalized interactions, exclusive perks, and collaborative opportunities, you make your customers feel like valued members of a thriving community.

In turn, they become emotionally invested in your brand's success, spreading their love and passion far and wide.

From expanding your brand's reach and enhancing credibility to fostering loyalty and building authentic connections, this strategic initiative has the power to revolutionize your marketing game. 

Now, let's roll up our sleeves and dive into the nitty-gritty of implementing your very own ambassador program.

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7 tips to create a fruitful ambassador program

Here are our 7 tips for creating a kick-ass ambassador program: 

  • Identify your ideal ambassadors
  • Segment programs, missions and rewards to the target audience
  • Empower and equip
  • Rely on the experiential
  • Put your community at the center of your strategy
  • Play on seasonality
  • Make it fun!

Identify your ideal ambassadors

Not all customers are created equal when it comes to ambassadorship. Look for individuals who not only love your brand but also align with its values and embody its essence.

 Seek out those who possess influence, engagement, and a genuine passion for sharing their experiences. 

A targeted approach will yield ambassadors who are not only enthusiastic but also effective in spreading the word.

Segment programs, missions and rewards to the target audience

Whether you have chosen to segment your ambassadors according to whether they are customers or influencers, by geographical area, by product type, by gender, by age ... you have the opportunity to create several lists.

This targeting is crucial and is a determining element in the success rate of your programs. Of course you have to target to choose the right program, but you also have to give it the right missions, in front of the right rewards.

For example, for the distinction between Customers and Influencers we observe :

For customers

  • Goals : loyalty and engagement-oriented
  • Missions: reviews, shares, comments, likes ...

For Influencers

  • Goals : visibility and acquisition
  • Missions : focused on content creation (post, video ...) and gifting

Here the targeting makes all the difference and changes the content of the whole program!

And it goes further, bringing differentiated communication, and slightly different procedures.

For example, "J'aime mes dents" was able to differentiate on its landing page and its recruitment form the influencers from the customers:

An ambassador program page targeting influencers and customers
J'aime mes dents's ambassador program page

Empower and Equip

Arm your ambassadors with the tools they need to champion your brand effectively. Provide them with exclusive content, insider knowledge, and early access to product launches or promotions. 

Equip them with resources like branded assets, social media guidelines (LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok...), and training materials to ensure they present your brand in the best light. 

The more empowered and knowledgeable your ambassadors are, the more compelling their advocacy will be.

Rely on the experiential

You can also choose to bet on new and exclusive experiences to add value to your ambassador community.

Besides coupons, gift cards, promo codes ..., offering experiential rewards can help you get closer to your target and your consumers.

For your influencers:

Visit your premises / offices / workshops, a day in your daily life, taking control of your LinkedIn or Instagram account for one day  ...

—>  The goal is to be able to offer them an experience that has value for them and for your community. An experience they can create content with (blog posts, videos, stories, ...)

For your customers:

A day of treatment, restaurant for 2, massages, events gathering your community, webinars, exclusive lives ...

—>  The goal here is to continue the immersion in your brand universe by offering different rewards. Offering activities related to your brand or your products can not only allow you to develop partnerships, but also to give a feeling of exclusivity to some of your members. To really reward and differentiate their commitment and involvement.

Put your community at the heart of your strategy

When creating your programs, don't hesitate to put your community at the forefront.

For that you can give your community a decision-making role or an advisory role.

You can create product testing programs, where your community will give its opinion on your latest creations.

You can create gifting programs where you send your products for free for them to test and talk about on social networks (Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok...).

You can also send  samples so that they test the product and give you their opinion by answering a feedback survey.

You hesitate between two colors? Make them vote!

You want to know their needs better? Organize a toolbox to collect their ideas on your next products.

Highlighting your community also means recognizing its members individually.

Highlight their involvement and gamify their experience.

You can highlight your "Ambassador of the month” in your front page stories on Instagram or in your newsletter. This way you give recognition to the most active and involved ambassadors or to the most creative or performing ones.

In this way you inspire others and motivate them to give their best.

Screenshot of Instagram stories showing brand ambassadors
Jewelry brand Athénaïs shares, on social media, its community members that talks about the brand.

Finally you can make your community a tool of your brand image.

Create social ads where you put them forward, create a dedicated page ... if the community is part of your values you can make the most of it.

Making your community your "brand ambassador" will help you establish your positioning, but also develop your community by making it more attractive!

Want to know more about this topic? Check out this article on the Community-led Growth strategy.

Play on seasonality

Don't hesitate to take advantage of seasonality to create your programs.

Are the end-of-year holidays approaching? Is it summer? The sales?

In the same way you would use the highlights of the year to boost your communication and create new campaigns, you can match your marketing actions with your community actions.

This will allow you to have more impact because you will be aligned with the current concerns of your target.

Also in terms of visibility outside your community, you can create a synergy of actions between your "branded" communications and your UGC (user generated content).

Giving highlights to your community also allows you to extend your peak period.

Indeed, in addition to your classic communications, the actions of your ambassador programs allows you to maximize the highlights by continuing the discussion, the interactions and the exchanges. It is also a channel of choice to communicate seasonal promotions.

Make it fun!

It's well known that in order to capture the attention of your target on the long term, it must be entertaining!

You can surf on the trends of the moment to create your missions.

This will be beneficial for you not only in terms of ambassadors doing the missions (they will be more likely to do it if they find it fun) but also in terms of visibility (if you choose current trends that are making the buzz).

Tiktoks challenges, Instagram filters in vogue, music of the moment, it's up to you to be attentive and to put your market intelligence at the service of your community.

If this content creates a buzz, it is also a great asset for those within your community who are looking for more visibility or subscribers.

Making it fun can also be done collectively.

Why not make group challenges? Nothing prevents you from creating teams and launching a contest with a reward for the best team!

Finally, it's all in the details. Your tone, your wording, the gamification set up, all of this participates to improve the experience and make it attractive.

In the end what will make your program a success, apart from the program itself is the experience you offer.

Just as you take care of your customer experience to make it as smooth, enjoyable and engaging as possible, take care of your ambassador experience to make it as attractive, rewarding and fulfilling as possible.

Remember, building a successful ambassador program requires dedication, nurturing, and a genuine commitment to fostering authentic connections. 

By following these tips, you'll be well on your way to creating an army of passionate brand advocates who will propel your business forward. Now, go forth and unleash the power of your ambassadors!

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