Community led growth

Thanks to your community, leverage all recommation channels to promote your services or product.
All channels

Automate word of mouth

Your ambassadors spread the word for you in different ways, activate all of them with missions



Sales are generated through word of mouth.

User generated content


Lower cost per click and cost of acquisition with user generated content.

Avis clients


Increased conversion following the implementation of customer reviews.

customer acquisition


Build customised referral programs to engage existing customers and reach new ones.

Turn customer advocacy into your most cost-efficient revenue driver

Retribute ambassadors for their recommandation
Mesure how much each ambassador is contributing to your sales
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Maximize conversion

User Generated Content

Get authentic ambassador content such as stories, posts, photos and testimonials video.

Reuse them in your communication : social ads, newsletter, product description.
Guide them in the creation of content with a fun experience
Automatically obtain the right to reuse the content once an ambassador is recruited


88% of consumers check reviews before they buy.

Reward your customers when they leave a review on Google or Facebook to increase your SEO and credibility effortlessly.
Authentic reviews continuously
On all platforms : Google, Facebook, Trustpilot, your website
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Engagement and sharing

Launching a new product ? Publishing new content?

Increase reach, impressions and engagement by mobilising your ambassadors to like, comment or share.
Multiply your reach and target pre-qualified audiences
Grow your followers community

Take it to the next level with user generate contents

Activate customer recommendations by turning them into ambassadors.

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50+ teams use Wiink

Our customers speak better than we do

I divide my cost acquisition by 2 with content created by my ambassadors.

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Mathilde - Responsable Marketing

Wiink allow me to transform my customers into ambassadors simply and continuously with a gamified system.

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Ma Petite Assiette
Christelle - Fondatrice

A ton of reusable content and a lot of reviews all in automatic. I recommend it with my eyes closed

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Christie - Head of communication