Turn your community
into a growth engine

Adopt community led-growth to make your biggest fans your best marketers

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Why wiink ?

Ambassadors program tool  built for e-commerce brands

Customer centric

Activate ambassadors from your client database with an embed form or from the community.

Multi channel

Reviews, photos, videos, stories, comments.. You name it, or build your own.


Advanced gamification to build loyalty in an innovative way.

Easy process

How it works ?


1. Create your brand interface

Create a personalized and gamified experience for your ambassadors.

Recrut ambassadors
Ambassadors interface

2. Add missions & rewards

Generate growth with more than 30missions your customers can achieve.

Build trust by rewarding your customers for engaging with your brand

Ambassadors interface

3. Automate ambassador recruiting

Post-sale emails
Social media
Unboxing with QR codes

Track performances

You don't have to be a big brand to have ambassadors

All in one platform

Connected to your social media and reviews platforms, we allow your ambassadors to recommend you where you are present


You can rest assured. Thanks to our proprietary technology we check the profiles and missions of your ambassadors

Missions panel

With over 30 missions to meet your needs such as: increase conversion, develop your traffic and SEO and of course generate sales

Easy to use

We have developed an intuitive platform so that you can quickly get to grips with it and launch your first program in minutes


Gamify the process to motivate your ambassadors to support you through a reward system.


You can personnalised a dedicated interface between you and your ambassadors

Take it to the next level with user generated content

Activate customer recommendations by turning them into ambassadors at scale

Our customers speak better than we do


Wiink is the ideal tool to unite my ambassadors, track their performance and centralize their content.

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Laurence - Customer Experience director

Wiink is a perfect platform to unite brand ambassadors to boost your interaction levels, improve review generation and customer content creation.

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Les Mini Mondes
Kevin - Head of Acquisition

Thanks to Wiink I was able to engage my community to create reviews and content at scale.

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Le Gramme
Iman - Head of communication